Ericka Thompson Founder & CEO



Highly dedicated, goal-driven, and the owner of Ericka Thompson Collection, Ericka Thompson is a licensed cosmetologist who specializes in both hair care and extensions. She has a rooted background and passion when it comes to hair health and quality, and demonstrates this ardency by delivering unparalleled products that are proven to leave lasting impressions.


Born and raised in Jersey City by her grandparents and dad, Ericka has always had a strong motivation to dive into the beauty industry. Upon losing her grandmother to breast cancer during her high school years, Ericka moved to South Carolina with her dad to finish her education, but the memory of her grandmother losing her hair from chemo and not feeling herself anymore because of it stuck with her. This became a catalyst for Ericka’s strive to empower women and support them in feeling beautiful in their own skin, and the path she chose to do this was hair care. Upon leaving the salon she was working at that mainly focused on weaving, Ericka began taking in clients at her home, offering a vast range of services that solely targeted hair care. After doing this for some time, she launched her own hair care line that remediates underlying complaints she has heard during her career, and has never looked back since.


Ericka has a strong aspiration to make the world a better, more confident place. She knows how powerful having strong, hydrated, full hair is when it comes to unearthing self-worth, she is dedicated to giving individuals the ability to obtain that. Because of her values, every product highlighted has a deep meaning behind its existence and was rigorously tested for high-level assurance. Overall, Ericka genuinely loves being a driver to cultivate positive change and looks forward to revolutionizing the hair care industry even more as she continues to grow.